domingo, dezembro 12, 2010

Don't let me be misunderstood

Camisa de Vênus

Tom: C

Am                      G
-----2h0--2h0 2~-|-------2--4--4/5--4~--

 Am                 G
baby, do you understand me now
F                           E
  sometimes i feel a little mad
      Am                                   G
well don't you know that no-one alive can always be an angel
F                                   E
  when things go wrong i seem to be bad

C                      Am                  G
i'm just a soul who's intentions are good
F                                Am
oh lord   please don't let me be misunderstood

baby, sometimes i'm so carefree
with a joy that's hard to hide
and sometimes it seems that all i have to do is worry
and then you're bound to see my other side

F            G       F           G
  if i seem edgy, i want you to know
 F            G               C     Am/E
that i never mean to take it out on you
F                 G             F       G
  life has it's problems and i get my share
     F                        E
and that's one thing i never mean to do, 'cause i love you

oh, oh, oh, baby, don't you know i'm human
have thoughts like any other one
sometimes i find myself long regretting
some foolish thing, some little simple thing i've done

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